Accounting for Enterprises (Sp. z o.o.)
in Poland

Accounting: easy and accessible

Many entrepreneurs starting a business in Poland face difficulties in establishing relationships with accountants. Often they have to deal with a formal approach, where the accountant is limited to performing only his/her direct duties without providing additional consulting support.

We endeavour to change this perception by providing our clients with comprehensive accounting services with a focus on a personalised approach and support. Our accountants do not just process documents, but also help to understand complex issues, provide advice and support at every stage of the business.

To provide an efficient accounting service, we develop a bespoke record keeping programme for each company. This programme includes all aspects of accounting, from invoices and payments to bank statements and human resources issues.

Cost of accounting services for Sp. z o.o.

The monthly cost of a subscription of accounting services for businesses is (net):

For non-VAT companies with no invoices and no bank account movements during the billing period

from 100 zł

For companies that do not have invoices in the billing period (sending only VAT/0 declarations and sending bank statements)

from 300 zł

For companies not engaged in cross-border trade in goods or services (sales outside Poland)

from 600 zł

For companies engaged in cross-border trade in goods or services (sales outside Poland)

from 700 zł
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customer benefits

Advantages of bookkeeping in IMOSTA Group:

Prompt communication

The average response time to an accounting client enquiry during office hours is 15 minutes.
We are constantly improving our business processes, and we strive to establish customer-employee communication so that you can get instant answers to your questions.

We speak the same language

Each of our clients is assigned a specialist who speaks the same language as you - Polish, English, Ukrainian, Russian. Do not make mistakes due to misunderstandings!

We teach you the basics of accounting

Starting with an introductory consultation, we go into detail about doing business in Poland: from preparing invoices to how to write off expenses through the company. We talk about the most important aspects of bookkeeping.

We give free access to the software

We provide our clients with access to special software that allows them to create various documents required in conducting business activities. In addition, we organise individual training for each client, during which we demonstrate how to properly prepare documents, what to pay attention to, how to modify them, store them, and so on.

We provide free legal counseltations

We are interested in keeping our clients hassle-free so they can focus directly on running their business.
For this purpose, we have included legal advice in our accounting subscription (two free half-hour consultations each month).

Flexible pricing policy

The cost of our accounting services is from 100 PLN plus VAT per month. Contact us today and our experts will assist you in choosing the best tariff.


How work with the client is organised

Initial consultation

Before concluding the contract, we hold a consultation with the client, explaining the main peculiarities of bookkeeping in Poland.

Contract conclusion

We sign a contract for accounting services.

Access and training programmes

We provide access to an accounting programme that allows all financial documents to be invoiced and stored.

We customise the software to suit your company's needs.

We provide training in the use of the software, provide instructions.

Consultations on current issues

We are always available for communication. Most issues that do not require further consultation are resolved within one or two hours.

Personnel records, accounting transactions and more - all included

All the information you need is available in one place.
You can always access it