legalisation in Poland


Residence permit for a highly qualified specialist

For highly qualified and in-demand specialists

Poland, as well as the EU as a whole, is interested in attracting first of all high-level specialists in the most important sectors of the economy.

Blue Card holders, after two years on this type of residence permit, have free and unlimited access to the labour market in Poland.
Blue Card is recognised in other EU countries and facilitates obtaining a residence permit in another EU country. Preferential calculation of the period of stay in the EU territory when obtaining the status of EU resident and other benefits.

Obtaining this type of residence card provides a number of privileges for family members as well. Family members of a person who has received such a card receive a residence permit with full access to the labour market, have the right to open a sole proprietorship in Poland, children can receive free higher education and so on.

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Step-by-step algorithm

How to get a BLUE CARD

Checking and analysing the situation

We check the possibility of obtaining such a residence permit in principle - consultation by phone, in our office or online - we will check whether you fulfil the established criteria (requirements) for obtaining a Blue Card

Appointment for submission of documents

We will make an appointment for you to submit your documents - we will choose the place and method of submission based on your capabilities

Preparation and formation of a package of documents

Getting the paperwork ready:

Create a list of documents needed in your situation (what document, from whom, and how you can obtain it)

Prepare the application and attachments required for submission

verify all the documents you have collected

copy, scan and finalise the final package of documents

Presence of our specialist at the filing of documents

We'll be there to talk to the inspector and explain everything to him.

You take the fingerprints in person, we just tell you which one to take and where to put it

Monitoring the status of the case

At set intervals we will monitor how your case is progressing - if we receive information that there are any changes we will inform you, if necessary we will work through the issues with the inspector

Data update

We will assist in delivering new documents and keeping previously filed documents up to date

Obtaining a decision and a residence card

We will accompany you to receive the card and the decision