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Account opening

Preparation of documents and support in opening a current account

Assistance in opening bank accounts in Poland

Polish and EU banks differ slightly in their approach to the customer from post-Soviet banks.
Recently, the procedure for opening accounts in a number of banks has become more complicated, including for firms with non-resident founders.
And the changes are ongoing, with different speeds for different banks.
This is linked to a number of developments, including Poland's and the EU's active fight against money laundering and counter-terrorism in general.
The Polish bank may need to prove that your company was established with serious intentions, will actually carry out the declared activities and a number of other things.
We assist in the preparation of such documents.
It is necessary to open an account responsibly - then it will not be a problem

Support for opening a company account consists of three parts:

  • preparation of a package of documents for the bank,
  • appointment and support directly at the bank ,
  • if necessary, working with a bank specialist - providing explanations and additional documents on the company.

Recently, it has become increasingly difficult for firms with founders and board members who are residents or natives of the former Soviet Union to open company accounts.
This is due to the tightening of rules on money laundering - banks are active participants of security procedures in this matter.
A number of banks will simply not open accounts, some will require certain documents to ensure that your activities are not subject to the restrictions of the law.
Not all banks accept/transfer funds to former Soviet Union countries.
When opening an account, you should be prepared for the fact that this procedure requires careful preparation and may take quite a long time.

Make an appointment for a consultation

How to open a company account in a Polish bank


We arrange a visit with the bank, find out the current package of documents for opening an account
Forming a package of documents
We advise you - what, how and why you should say and do in the bank, so that the bank employee understands you correctly.

At the bank

If necessary, we accompany you to the bank, communicate with bank specialists


If necessary - provide the address to which the manufactured bank cards will arrive (in practice within about 7 days)