FE registration (JDG)
in Poland

Simplified accounting, benefits on social security contributions, easy withdrawal of funds

With proper preparation, registration does not take much time

JDG (Jednoosobowa działalność gospodarcza) is a form of self-employment and is the most affordable way to start a business in Poland. This form allows individuals to run a business under simplified conditions, which is a benefit from the Polish state granted to a limited number of foreign nationals.

Being a sole trader in Poland has many advantages, including the possibility of hiring employees, simplified accounting, a choice of three types of tax systems (allowing you to choose the most favourable option), social security benefits at the start of the business, and ease of registration and amendments.

Entrepreneur registration is done online and does not require the payment of government fees or duties. Registration as a sole proprietor is often the preferred choice for start-ups in Poland, although in some cases it may be more advantageous to open a company Sp. z o.o. The differences between these two forms of business in Poland are detailed in  article.

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Making changes to JDG documents

Provide a quick and uncomplicated process for making changes to KRS

for JDG
in Poland

Turnkey accounting support for entrepreneurs (JDG)


Legal support of the liquidation process

Make an appointment for a consultation on JDG registration
Step-by-step algorithm

How to register a sole proprietorship (JDG) in Poland

Who can open

Citizens of Ukraine legally staying in Poland
Everyone arriving on a PBH visa
Persons holding a Pole Card or a residence permit in Poland
Persons holding a residence permit in Poland (but not all)
persons with EU resident status
And a number of other individuals

How registration takes place

We help with online registration.
This requires you to have a PESEL number and ePUAP electronic signature. 


Three taxation systems
Simplified tax at a flat rate
Income tax (progressive)
Income tax (straight-line)


Access to Polish and EU markets
Tax benefits
Simplified business operations
Ability to hire workers
Legalisation in Poland for business