Public funds in Poland

Subsidiaries and non-business activities

We register foundations throughout Poland

Foundations are established for the realisation of socially or economically significant purposes, in particular for the protection of health, economic and scientific development, education and upbringing, culture and art, social care and assistance, environmental protection and care of historical monuments.
Foundations are a very developed form of solving social problems in Poland through private initiatives.
The decision to establish a foundation, its objectives, and the methods of management are determined by its founders at the time of registration.
We provide document preparation and support services for the registration of Foundations throughout Poland.

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Step-by-step algorithm

How to register a public foundation in Poland

Who can establish

Any legal entity or natural person, including foreign persons
Can be created by 1 or more founders (founders)


Bookkeeping is required, there is a choice between full accounting and simplified accounting

Commercial activities

The Foundation may engage in commercial activities, the profits from which are used to achieve the objectives stated by the Foundation.

Bank account

It should be mandatory, there are difficulties in opening it


When registering, a supervising minister is selected depending on the type of activity.
Special reporting is required once a year.
Often funds are subject to the requirements of the Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Terrorism Act - special regulations and procedures need to be developed.
Required to develop, implement and follow procedures to protect personal data.
Opportunity to become an OPP - a community service organisation.
And so on.

Location of the fund

Obligatory in Poland, may have branches abroad

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Any foreigner can be a founder (founding member)

There is no legally defined amount. The founder/s (founders) independently decide on the size of the foundation fund.
He/she/they must allocate certain property to the Foundation to realise the purpose of the Foundation.
This may be money, securities, movable and immovable property transferred into the ownership of the Fund, which should allow it to start its activities.
However, according to the established practice, the minimum allowed amounts are PLN 100-500 for a Foundation not conducting commercial activities.
Foundations conducting commercial activities are usually allocated from 2000-2500 PLN - 1000 PLN for the organisation of commercial activities and 1500 PLN for the implementation of the Foundation's objectives.

Yes. It is possible to specify both the physically rented premises and the address as the legal address virtual office.

Obligatory after registration are - entry of information in the Register of Beneficiaries CRBR, filing a declaration with the tax authorities - NIP-8