Filing information about your company

NIP-8 declaration

Transparent business conduct

NIP-8 declaration is a notification of the firm's data or changes in it, e.g. - account number, who does the bookkeeping and where the documents are located, etc.
To be submitted by organisations registered with KRS.
Data that are not contained in the KRS but are necessary for tax, statistical and other governmental authorities are submitted.
We assist in its preparation and despatch.

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Specifics of filling in

NIP-8 declaration

What is the purpose of the declaration

Keeping your company data up to date

When to send

After incorporation of the company or after a change in previously submitted data - within 21 working days (within 7 days if the company has employed staff)

How to prepare

Everything is quite simple. You need to find a declaration form on the internet and download it. You can submit the declaration remotely.