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Temporary residence card for the purpose of doing business

Residence permits for founders and entrepreneurs

Obtaining a residence permit for business in Poland

Poland is actively attracting investments into its economy, it is easy to open a business in Poland, opening costs are minimal, business registration terms are short.

However, the common belief that having a business in Poland makes it easier to obtain a residence permit is not always true.
More precisely - it is true if one of two conditions is met - making the minimum statutory profit or employing the minimum statutory number of employees.
Otherwise - you have to make an effort to get it.

Having a business is not a guarantee of residence permit. If you have a company that has been operating for more than a year, generates a stable income, and employs people - a residence permit for business is no more than a formality for you.
If your business has just started operating, or if achieving financial results is planned for the distant future - things get a little more complicated.

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Step-by-step algorithm

How to get a permit for the purpose of doing business

Who can get

If you are registered in Poland as a self-employed person
If you are the founder of a company
If you are on the board of a company registered in Poland

IMPORTANT! If you fall under any of the above conditions - you are obliged to apply for a temporary residence permit on this basis only

Necessary requirements

The law provides for the issuance of a residence permit if one of two conditions is fulfilled:

  • Achievement of a statutory profit level for the last 12 months of business operation


  • employment of at least two employees within the last 12 months

If none of the conditions are fulfilled - it is necessary to submit documents justifying the possibility of fulfilment of these requirements in the future.

Profit requirement

Determined from the average salary of the voivodeship (e.g. for the Mazowieckie Voivodeship it is about 80,000 PLN per year).

Employee requirement

Employment in the last 12 months of at least two employees (with access to the labour market, but preferably Poles) full-time on at least the minimum wage

If the requirements are not met

In case it was not possible to fulfil the legal requirements for obtaining a residence permit for business, the legislator has provided the possibility to justify the achievement of the required results in the future - this will require the preparation of a business plan of the enterprise and the accompanying package of documents

Timeframe for review

Varies from province to province, but lately it has been at least 3-5 months