Introduction of amendments to the foundation documents of an LLC in Poland

A labour-intensive process. Leave it to us

Changes take much longer to be registered than the initial registration takes

Amending the statutory documents of a company such as Sp. z o.o., requires strict compliance with Polish law and registration of these changes in the National Court Register (KRS). The process can be carried out in two ways: through a notary or electronically through the S24 system, depending on the type of changes and the previous method of registration.

After making entries in the KRS, don't forget to complete a number of formalities - notify the tax office, amend related registers if necessary and pay civil transaction tax (in the case of a share sale).

We offer full legal support in the process of making changes to the constituent documents of your company. The cost of services depends on the scope of the changes and the method of their implementation. It is important to take into account that more complex changes require more extensive preparation of documents, which may affect the total cost of services.

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Step-by-step algorithm

How to make changes to the constituent documents of Sp. z o.o. in Poland

When to make changes

Within 7 days from the date of the event

What must be registered with KRS

  • Change of address/juridical address
  • Change of name
  • Entering/leaving a new participant
  • Changes in the board
  • Change in authorised capital
  • Sale and purchase of shares
  • Change of activities
  • Registration of annual financial statements
  • Correction of errors in constituent documents, etc.

Where and how you can make changes

By sending the relevant documents to the court at the location of the legal entity


The amount of the state duty varies depending on the method of filing the documents
Our services will cost from 200 PLN depending on the scope of work


It can take up to several months

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You can, but please note that changes can only be made via the S24 system if the registration and changes were made via the S24 system  

You can.
The algorithm will vary depending on how and what changes are made.

Based on our experience, unfortunately, it will not be possible to speed things up significantly.

It all depends on what changes were made to the spoolka documents.
But as a rule it is necessary to report new information to the tax authorities and make changes to the Register of Beneficiaries, it may be necessary to pay tax on civil law transactions, it may be necessary to make changes to the issued permits, to inform a number of other state bodies - everything is very individual.
The same applies to the timing of such changes.