Assistance in obtaining licences and permits

Obtaining licences and permits in Poland with IMOSTA Group

In Poland, a direction to reduce the number of licences and permits.
Polish legislation has a clear focus on deregulation of business activities.
At the same time, some areas of economic activity are regulated through the issuance of licences, concessions, permits for certain types of activities and through entry in the register of regulated activities.
We are engaged in preparation of documents and support of the client at every stage of obtaining such permits.
Due to the fact that obtaining a permit (licence) is a very individual process, it is not possible to bring our service to a single cost.
Each support in obtaining permits (licences) is assessed separately, depending on the presence of many factors.
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algorithm of actions

How it works


Provision of information on the need for a licence
Provision of information on terms and conditions for obtaining a licence
Preparation of a set of documents

Filing and support of documents

Representation of the customer's interests in state authorities
Obtaining certificates from state authorities Making payments and contributions
Counselling services
Provision of information at each stage of the procedure

Follow-up service

Advice and assistance in renewal (if the permit is issued for a certain period of time) bank cards