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We will help you to start a business in Poland, help you work legally, help you and your employees with legalization

Poland offers favourable conditions for entrepreneurs from all over the world. If you are considering opening a legal entity in Poland, our company is ready to provide you with all the necessary services and support for a successful business. Opening a business in Poland can be done by anyone who wants to develop their activities in the European market. Business registration in Poland takes place in several stages:

Depending on your legal status, business plans and expected volume of operations, you can choose the form of business that is best for you. The most common options for registering a business in Poland are: starting a sole proprietorship (Jednoosobowa Działalność Gospodarcza) or registering a private company with limited liability (Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością).

Our company provides turnkey assistance in starting a business in Poland: we will take care of the preparation of all the necessary documents for the registration of a company or individual entrepreneur in the Republic of Poland. We guarantee that all documents will be drawn up correctly and in accordance with the current legislation of the country.

Once the necessary documents are collected, they are submitted to the registration authorities. We accompany this process to eliminate possible errors and speed up obtaining the necessary licences and permits.

Assistance to foreigners in registering a business in Poland

It is important to take into account all the nuances when submitting a package of documents to the state authorities, as starting a business for foreigners has its own peculiarities. We offer comprehensive services for citizens of various countries wishing to register a legal entity in Poland.

Possible options for starting a business in Poland:

To open a JDG in Poland, you need to submit an application to the Central Register and Information System for Economic Activities (CEIDG). The process can be done online, making it convenient and fast. Registration through CEIDG is free of charge and does not require payment of state fees. Entrepreneurs do not need to deposit an authorised capital, which is a great advantage compared to other forms of business. However, not all foreigners can register a JDG; restrictions depend on their residence status. During the registration process, it is crucial to choose the right PKD code that accurately describes the type of activity of your business. Incorrect selection may lead to legal complications and tax problems in the future. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to seek professional assistance in JDG registration to avoid possible problems.

The S24 system offers the possibility of simplified and accelerated online registration of companies in Poland. This is particularly convenient for foreigners from other countries, as it allows a foreigner to open a company in Poland without having to be physically present in the country. The process involves preparing and signing company documents online, using an electronic signature and paying state fees online. Opening a company through S24 usually takes between 1 and 5 working days.

The traditional method of registering a company in Poland involves filing documents through the registration court, which includes notarisation of the constituent documents and can take 4 to 5 weeks. This method is suitable for those who need to customise the founding documents or when a more thorough legal protection of shareholders' interests is required.

Cost and conditions of registration

We offer competitive rates and transparent terms of co-operation. By giving our clients the opportunity to discuss all details at an initial free consultation, we aim for full transparency and understanding of all aspects of co-operation. When registering JDG or Sp. z o.o., our company provides verification of the legal basis for doing business in Poland, selection of suitable PKD codes, as well as taxation advice. In addition, we provide assistance in determining the legal and postal address that best suits the needs of your future company.

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