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Legalisation of stay in Poland

Obtaining residence permit, citizenship in the Republic of Poland

Procedure for obtaining a residence permit in Poland

Legalisation of stay in Poland is a process that allows foreigners to legally reside in the country. Depending on the purpose and the primary ground of residence there are different types of residence permits in Poland.

A temporary residence permit (Karta pobytu czasowego) is issued for a period of three months to three years. It can be obtained by foreigners who come to Poland for the purpose of work, study, business or family reunification.

A permanent residence permit (Karta pobytu stałego) is granted on the basis of Polish origin or possession of a Pole Card. A long-term residence permit (karta długoterminowego rezydenta UE) can be granted to those who have lived in Poland for at least five years continuously and legally, and who have proven their successful integration into Polish society (this includes knowledge of the Polish language, compliance with Polish laws and respect for the country's traditions), as well as have a permanent place of residence and a stable source of income. 

The process of legalisation of residence is regulated by the Act on Foreigners. The application for a residence permit must be submitted in the relevant voivodeship at the moment of legalisation of stay in Poland. It is important to precisely follow the requirements of the immigration authorities and submit all the necessary documents in a timely manner.

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Benefits of choosing IMOSTA Group:

We speak the same language

Our lawyers speak Russian, Ukrainian, Polish and English and are ready to explain all the details of the residence permit process in the language you prefer.

Prompt communication

Our legalisation of stay experts will be on hand throughout the process, providing you with the advice and timely support you need during the process. 

High expertise in legalisation of stay

Over 7 years of experience in legalisation of stay matters: primary and appeal cases, visa matters.

Possibility of remote support

We provide services throughout Poland, offering customers the opportunity to choose the most convenient approach. For residents of Warsaw we offer direct service in our office located in the city centre. For clients from other regions we offer remote support. We guarantee the same high quality of service regardless of the chosen format of co-operation.

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Professional advice on legalisation of stay in Poland

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We offer

Advice on legalisation of stay

We will help you understand all aspects of the process, answer your questions and guide you through the package of documents required in your case.

Checking whether the basis for applying for a particular type of residence permit is appropriate

We analyse your current situation to determine whether it meets the requirements for a particular residence permit in Poland. This step involves checking all available documents and the circumstances of your stay to ensure that your chosen grounds for application are valid and justified.

Appointment to apply for a residence permit

We will help you organise the process of making an appointment with the relevant migration authorities in the Republic of Poland to submit your application. We will tell you about the right place and method of submission, deadlines and requirements so that the process goes smoothly and without delays.

Preparation of the application

Our team will assist you in preparing and completing all the necessary documents for your application for a residence permit. We guarantee that all forms will be filled out correctly and completely, according to the current requirements of Polish legislation.

Physical accompaniment at the filing of documents (optional)

If you prefer the personal presence of a specialist at migration meetings, we can provide a chaperone who will stay with you to provide support at all stages of the application process.

Writing a business plan (if necessary)

For entrepreneurs and business immigrants, we offer a service of preparing a professional business plan, which may be required when applying for a residence permit related to doing business in Poland. This plan will reflect all key aspects of your business, including financial projections and development strategies.


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