changing accounting in Poland

Change of service accounting firm in Poland

Switching to another company

Switching to accounting outsourcing with IMOSTA Group: a hassle-free process

Considering a change of accounting service company? We can help you make the process as smooth and efficient as possible.

Situations arise when clients are not satisfied with their current outsourced accounting service. This can be caused by various factors: from lack of attention and professionalism of employees to failure of services to meet the client's expectations. We realise that each situation is unique and the reasons may be varied.

When changing accounting firms, it is important to consider certain points to ensure that the transition goes smoothly. We are ready to provide you with professional help and advice on all stages of this process.

How do we work?
Our services for changing accounting firm

Trust the professionals and make changing accounting firms easy and safe for your business. Contact us and we'll help you through the process

Step-by-step algorithm

How to change accountant in Poland

Select and discuss all matters with a new accountancy firm

We recommend that you select a new accounting firm before terminating your contract. It is critical that you discuss any questions you may have about the transition with representatives of the new firm before finalising the termination process.

Check the contract

Carefully review the current contract with your old accounting firm. Check what the notice period for termination is and whether there are any penalties for early termination and other important points.

Notify the accounting firm

In accordance with the terms of the contract, you must notify the company of the cancellation of the contract, specify the date by which you request the preparation of your accounting documents (see below for a list of documents).

Get the documents

Documents can be received either in paper or electronic form. It is important to check whether all the necessary documents have been handed over and whether they are complete.

Sign a contract with a new company

We recommend that you select a new accounting firm in advance and enter into a contract with them in advance.

Transfer documents to a new accounting firm

The documents received from the old company must be transferred to the new one.

Issue powers of attorney for a new company

After signing the contract, you need to update your company's new representation details with ZUS and the tax office.

Report a change of accounting company

You need to notify the tax authorities that you have had a change of accounting service company.

Your privileges with us

Client benefits after switching to IMOSTA Group accounting:

Prompt communication

The average response time to an accounting client enquiry during office hours is 15 minutes.
We are constantly improving our business processes, and we strive to establish customer-employee communication so that you can get instant answers to your questions.

We speak the same language

Each of our clients is assigned a specialist who speaks the same language as you - Polish, English, Ukrainian, Russian. Do not make mistakes due to misunderstandings!

We teach you the basics of accounting

Starting with an introductory consultation, we go into detail about doing business in Poland: from preparing invoices to how to write off expenses through the company. We talk about the most important aspects of bookkeeping.

We give free access to the software

We provide our clients with access to special software that allows them to create various documents required in conducting business activities. In addition, we organise individual training for each client, during which we demonstrate how to properly prepare documents, what to pay attention to, how to modify them, store them, and so on.

We provide free legal counseltations

We are interested in keeping our clients hassle-free so they can focus directly on running their business.
For this purpose, we have included legal advice in our accounting subscription (two free half-hour consultations each month).

Flexible pricing policy

The cost of our accounting services is from 100 PLN plus VAT per month. Contact us today and our experts will assist you in choosing the best tariff.


1. Documents in paper and/or electronic version - Dokumenty w formie papierowej i/lub pliku ( sprzedaży, zakupu, noty, PK, wszystkie dowody księgowe, wszystkie przekazane dokumenty, rachunki, umowy, itp.).
2. List of fixed assets and information on depreciation (if any) - Spis środków trwałych wraz z tabelą amortyzacyjną
3. profit and loss statement on the day of transfer of documentation - Obrotówka na dzień oddania dokumentacji.
4. warehouse inventory (if any) - Spis operacji magazynowych
5. VAT registers and confirmation of JPK dispatch with declarations - Rejestry VAT, potwierdzenia wysłania JPK wraz z deklaracją.
6. Chart of accounts - Plan kont
7. Accounting policy - Polityka rachunkowości
8. Balance sheet - Bilanse, sprawozdania finansowe
9. Personnel records (if any) - Dokumenty kadrowe (oryginały)
10. Documents on ZUS - Deklaracje DRA, ZUA, ZPA, ZWUA, plik Płatnik

and other documents

It all depends on the terms of your contract with the old company, what the time limits are on notice of termination.

There is no tie-in to tax periods or anything else.

Write to our online chat email info@imosta.plPlease contact us in any way that is convenient for you.