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Poland has become a real centre of attraction for international business in recent years. The country offers simplified company registration procedures, which attracts entrepreneurs from all over the world, especially from Ukraine and Belarus. Active support of Ukrainian citizens at all levels and favourable conditions contribute to the constant growth of Ukrainian entrepreneurship in the country. The number of companies established by Ukrainians in Poland is rapidly increasing. These are both small, independent enterprises and large companies using Poland as a launching pad for further expansion into the European Union. The open market, developed infrastructure and good conditions for relocation contribute to the fact that Poland has become a natural choice for many Belarusians as well.

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Advice and assistance in obtaining licences

Applications and declarations

Interaction with state authorities

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Legal services from IMOSTA Group:

Registration of business

We assist in registering legal entities in Poland, from preparing documents to obtaining all necessary authorisations

Legal assistance in making amendments to KRS

We provide services for making changes to KRS (State Court Register) records, which is especially relevant when changing the management structure of a company, change of address and other key data of your business.

Consultations on tax issues

Taxation in Poland can be complicated to understand, especially for foreigners. We offer tax advice to help you understand the taxation system, choose the best tax strategy and minimise tax risks

Opening of bank accounts

We assist in opening bank accounts for business and personal needs.

Legal assistance in business liquidation

We provide legal assistance in the process of liquidation or suspension of a legal entity in Poland.

Assistance in obtaining residence and work permits

We help foreigners to obtain all necessary permits for legal stay in Poland.

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The main advantages of our company are

High level of professionalism

Our lawyers have in-depth knowledge and considerable experience in various areas of law

Experience of working with international clients

We successfully work with clients from different countries, which allows us to take into account the peculiarities of doing business in an international context

Integrated approach to problem solving

We offer a full range of legal services, which allows us to resolve most issues on a turnkey basis

Affordable prices for legal services

 We are committed to providing a quality service at competitive prices


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