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Are you interested in expanding your business in Poland? Do you need an office address in Poland for company or representative office registration, correspondence address for JDG? Our "Virtual Office in Poland" service provides the ideal solution for your business.

What is a virtual office?

It is a modern solution that allows your company to have an office address in a prestigious location without the need to rent physical premises. Your business can be anywhere in Poland, and your virtual office can be in the centre of business activity in Warsaw. All incoming correspondence will be sent to our specialists and then electronically forwarded to you.

A favourable solution for your business

Starting a company requires a legal address - this is the address where your company will be registered and where counterparties and government agencies can send official correspondence. In some cases, the law may require you to rent a physical office. However, if such a need is not foreseen, renting a virtual office is an ideal solution that allows aspiring entrepreneurs and those seeking to optimise their costs to make significant savings. The difference between the cost of renting a physical office in Poland and a virtual office can be very significant, making a virtual office a particularly attractive option for cutting costs. The tariffs can be found below.

Order in the correspondence that comes to your address

Our virtual office in Poland provides secure and convenient storage of all incoming letters and documents from government agencies and other senders to the address you specify. Our digital mail processing service allows you to receive all your mail online, without having to visit a post office.

customer benefit

What the client gets by using the "Virtual Office" service from IMOSTA Group

List of services

Having a legal address is a prerequisite for the registration and functioning of a company. Renting a virtual office is ten times cheaper than renting a real office space.

We receive and store notices, registered letters, and even parcels and postal parcels. We make sure you don't miss any of your important notices.

We will provide you with the ability to log into a special programme that stores all mail received at your address. In this programme you will be able to see information about who, when and what mail was sent to you, and you will be able to view the scanned content of each mail.

Our staff will meticulously scan all documents you receive and upload digital copies to a secure online system.

We will alert you by sending an e-mail notification and SMS to the Polish number.

Cost of the "Virtual Office" service

JDG + individuals

  • JDG Correspondence Address
  • Receipt and registration of letters
  • Notification of mail received
  • Access to the client panel
  • Scanning and sending correspondence

Sp. z o.o., funds

  • Address for incorporation of the company
  • Receipt and registration of letters
  • Notification of mail received
  • Access to the client panel
  • Scanning and sending correspondence

all + founders

  • Address for incorporation of the company
  • Receipt and registration of letters
  • Notification of mail received
  • Access to the client panel
  • Scanning and sending correspondence
  • Correspondence for founders and board members

*Cost is netto

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Basic details of your virtual office

ul. Ostrobramska 101
04-041 Warszawa

full address
ul. Ostrobramska
house 101
postcode 04-041

Miejscowość Warszawa
Praga-Południe district of Warsaw
Województwo Mazowieckie
Powiat Warszawa

Urząd Skarbowy Warszawa - Praga

Jagiellońska 15, 03-719 Warszawa
+48 22 509 18 00

Sąd Rejonowy dla Warszawy w Warszawie, XIV wydział gospodarczy Krajowego Rejestru Sądowego

ZUS II Oddział w Warszawie

Podskarbińska 25, 03-829 Warszawa
+48 22 560 16 00

We are open from 8.30am to 6.30pm weekdays.
If you need to visit us at a different time - contact us in advance, we respond to enquiries 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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No, the provision of virtual office services in Poland is an activity specifically regulated and supervised by the state.
In order to provide virtual office services, a number of requirements and approval procedures must be met.
Violation of the legislation in this area entails imposition of high fines.

Mail and parcels are delivered to the person specified in the contract or to a person agreed upon in advance by e-mail.

The service includes storage of your correspondence for three months, with the storage period expiring at the same time as the end of the paid contract period. If the correspondence is not picked up by you within the specified period, it will be destroyed with a shredder. Upon your request, it is possible to extend the storage period according to the current tariffs.

You will receive a notification of correspondence receipt or a scan of the received letter (depending on the selected tariff) to the e-mail specified by you.
The notification/scan will be sent the same day if the correspondence is delivered before 3pm, if after this time - we will send it to you within the next working day.

In accordance with the terms of the contract, we will process all correspondence received at your address, with the exception of advertising leaflets and other mass mailings, unless they are addressed directly to you. If necessary, the terms of the contract may be changed or amended by mutual agreement of the parties. 

As part of the Virtual Office service, we conclude a contract for a legal address (siedziba) for companies and a correspondence address for JDGs.

According to Polish law, the concept of "legal address" is not used for entrepreneurs. In order to register a JDG, it is necessary to specify the real place of residence of the entrepreneur, the address for carrying out business activities and the address for correspondence.

We strongly recommend that you get advice on these issues when registering a legal entity in Poland. If the registration is not done through our company, we recommend to clarify all the details with your lawyer.

IMPORTANT: Incorrect use of addresses can cause problems with the tax office, banks and other institutions.

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