Taxes in Poland

CFR-1 and CFR-2 tax resident

Proof of Polish tax residency

Starting a business in Poland sometimes requires a certificate that your business is now truly Polish.
Your partners may ask for it, such a certificate may be needed when opening a credit line, when buying something in leasing, if you will participate in tenders and so on.
We assist in the preparation of documents for its issuance.

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Certyfikat rezydencji podatkowej

What this certificate is for

Some counterparties may ask for proof that your firm is a tax resident of Poland.
Especially within the current political climate.
Also required for loans, leases, etc.

What is the difference between CFR-1 and CFR-2

  • CFR-1 for legal entities and CFR-2 for individuals.

Issuing authority

Tax Inspectorate

Waiting period

CFR-1 is up to 7 days and CFR-2 is up to 2 months from the date of application.

Additional duties/charges

20 zlotys

How to get

Everything is quite simple. You need to find a declaration form on the internet and download it. You can submit the declaration remotely. Or you can contact us for help.