The market of health care services in Poland

Open a private clinic, dentistry in Poland

There will always be a demand for quality health services

How to open a medical centre in Poland

There is a great demand for qualified medical professionals in Poland, which opens up various career and entrepreneurial opportunities for foreign specialists. They can find employment in medical institutions or start their own medical businesses.

The co-operation of private clinics with the National Health Fund of Poland (NFZ) demonstrates a successful public-private partnership of mutual benefit. However, to start working with the NFZ, you need to fulfil certain criteria and prepare your business. Our company is ready to assist you in explaining all the nuances and preparing the necessary documents. 

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Peculiarities of opening a private clinic in Poland

Who can establish

Any foreigner

Who can establish

Open an LLC or work as an entrepreneur

You can work both ways
Not every foreigner can be an entrepreneur


Open an LLC or work as an entrepreneur

What authorisations are required

Requires employees to have a proven education in the field

Entry in the Register is required

Requires compliance with premises and equipment requirements

It is recommended to obtain the opinion of the Sanitary and Epidemiological Inspectorate

What authorisations are required

RODO Personal Data Protection (GDPR)

Due to the fact that a doctor's work involves the processing of personal data (not only surname, name, phone numbers, e-mail and so on, but also health data, etc. of the client), a medical institution needs to develop and implement mechanisms for the protection of personal data.

RODO Personal Data Protection (GDPR)

Requirements for premises and equipment

Health services are mainly provided in a specific room (in some cases, it is possible to provide health services on-site).
The premises in which the clinic or dentistry is located must comply with the requirements established by law
The same applies to the equipment and tools used
Moreover, if the clinic is going to co-operate with NFZ - the premises and equipment of the clinic or dentistry must comply with NFZ requirements

Requirements for premises and equipment


Medical activities are subject to compulsory insurance



In addition to the standard business occupation restrictions, there are restrictions for pharmaceutical business owners and so on


VAT and taxes

As a general principle, medical practices are exempt from VAT, but there are a number of exceptions where you must pay it

Depending on the chosen form of registration (entrepreneur or limited liability company), taxation systems and tax rates change

Read about the difference between an entrepreneur and an LLC

VAT and taxes
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Opening a medical practice, dental office step by step

Selection of premises

A medical business may only be conducted in premises that meet sanitary, spatial and other sanitary requirements
Either already finished or where renovation/remodelling can be carried out to comply with the legal requirements for such premises

Registration of

Registration of sp. zoo (LLC) takes about 7 days on average OR registration as an individual entrepreneur
(takes 1-2 working days on average)

Staff selection

Subject matter staff should have a proven medical background

Employees must meet the conditions established by law, including not being prohibited from engaging in such activities

Employees must undergo medical examination and labour protection training, and must meet sanitary and hygienic requirements

What else you'll need

Purchase of medical equipment and instruments that meet statutory requirements

Entry in the Register

Notification to local authorities of the start of operations

Development and implementation of RODO regulations

Conclusion of an insurance contract

Preparation of work regulations, information materials (type of medical activity and scope of services, prices, etc.).

What else you'll need

Bring your premises into compliance

Buy a cash register

Notify the sanitary authority of the start of work

Report hired employees to ZUS

Place a stand for visitors - with information in accordance with the Consumer Rights Act and the RODO Regulations (GDPR)

Bottom line - how long does it take to open

As a rule, the time from registration to the start of work is 1-1.5 months