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Open an online shop in Poland

Doing business from anywhere in the world

How to open an online shop in Poland

Poles and Europeans in general are used to buying everything online
In Poland, especially after the pandemic, people are not afraid to buy online, they buy everything and for any amount.
The openness of the market allows you to trade not only in Poland itself, but also throughout Europe and around the world.
There are so many delivery services, the process of transporting an order from the warehouse to the buyer is worked out to perfection.
However, there are specific nuances.
Setting up a legal entity for an online shop in Poland is easy - it usually takes no more than a week.
Peculiarities of opening an online shop

Who can establish

Any foreigner

Who can establish

Open an LLC or work as an entrepreneur

You can work both ways

Open an LLC or work as an entrepreneur

Do you need a cash register

You can work without a cash register

Do you need a cash register

What authorisations are required

No special authorisations

What authorisations are required

RODO Personal Data Protection (GDPR)

Due to the fact that the work of the online shop is associated with the processing of personal data (name, surname, telephone numbers, e-mail and so on), the development and implementation of mechanisms for the protection of personal data is required.

RODO Personal Data Protection (GDPR)
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Opening an online shop step by step

Registration of

Registration of sp. zoo (LLC) or registration as an individual entrepreneur
It takes 1-2 days to register an entrepreneur, about 7 days on average to register a limited liability company

Filing of declarations and information

After the registration of Sp. zoo is required to pay taxes on civil law transactions, submit information to the tax authorities, and enter information in the Register of Beneficiaries

Opening a bank account

Lately, opening an account has become increasingly difficult and can take up to two to three weeks
it does not take much time to buy a cash register, the seller will inform the tax office and register it himself

Staff selection

Employees must undergo medical examinations and occupational health and safety training

What else you'll need

It may be necessary to obtain a VAT and VAT EU number
It may be necessary to obtain an EORI number
An entry in the BDO registry may be required

Development and implementation of RODO regulations (GDPR)

Mandatory posting of the Regulations on the website is required
Report responsible person

Bottom line - how long does it take to open

As a rule, it takes about a week to register a legal entity for an online shop