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Open a training course, school in Poland

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How to open training courses in Poland

People enjoy learning new knowledge and skills.

Opening your own school, course or training centre in Poland is extremely easy.
Register as an entrepreneur or incorporate a limited liability company.
Picking up a room - if required.
You start working.

IMPORTANT: Opening a secondary school, kindergarten, lyceum, technical school (in the sense of compulsory education for children and adults) is regulated by other legislation and requires other approaches - it is better to get our advice first.

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Before opening a school, it is better to consult whether you will need any approvals, permits and registers.
It's all very individual and needs to be explored.
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Peculiarities of opening a training course, school in Poland

Who can establish

Any foreigner

Who can establish

Open an LLC or work as an entrepreneur

You can work both ways

Open an LLC or work as an entrepreneur

Do you need a cash register

You can work without a cash register

Do you need a cash register

What authorisations are required

No special permits are required just for courses

The opening of an educational institution is regulated by special legislation.

You may need to be on the register if you will be providing training for a number of specific professions or skills, e.g. driving courses, nursing and midwifery courses, plant protection training courses etc.

Entry in the register is also required for courses funded by a number of state programmes and carried out as part of the employment of the unemployed, retraining, etc.

What authorisations are required

RODO Personal Data Protection (GDPR)

Due to the fact that running courses involves the processing of personal data (name, surname, telephone numbers, e-mail and so on), it is necessary to develop and implement mechanisms for the protection of personal data.

RODO Personal Data Protection (GDPR)

Issuance of certificates, diplomas

Some certificates and diplomas can only be issued if certain rules are met, e.g. courses for a number of professions that confer a certain amount of rights on the learner, must contain a minimum of 270 hours of training and must be validated by examination or require approval by industry/profession associations.

Issuance of certificates, diplomas
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Opening a school, courses step by step

Registration of

Registration of sp. zoo (LLC) or registration as an individual entrepreneur
It takes 1-2 days to register an entrepreneur, about 7 days on average to register a limited liability company

Filing of declarations and information

After the registration of Sp. zoo is required to pay taxes on civil law transactions, submit information to the tax authorities, and enter information in the Register of Beneficiaries
You do not need to do this after registering as an entrepreneur

Opening a bank account

This has become increasingly difficult in recent times and can take up to two to three weeks in terms of time

Staff selection

Employees must undergo medical examinations and occupational health and safety training

What else you'll need

Bring your premises into compliance

Buy a cash register

Report hired employees to ZUS

Develop and implement RODO regulations (GDPR)

If the course is not online but you rent the premises - put up a stand for visitors - with information in accordance with the Consumer Rights Act and the RODO Regulations (GDPR)

Bottom line - how long does it take to open

As a rule, the main time before the start of a course or school is spent on the selection of premises and their renovation (if necessary).
The business registration itself can run in parallel and takes about a week to complete