car repair in Poland

Open a car service (tyre fitting shop)
in Poland

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How to open a workshop in Poland

The most difficult in opening a service station is the selection of premises.

Opening a car service or tyre repair shop in Poland is not burdened by any additional legal requirements.
You will not need to obtain a licence or permit to carry out such work.
You register Sp. zoo (or register as an entrepreneur, if you have such an opportunity), rent premises, deal with waste, equipment, hire staff and you can start working.

Peculiarities of opening a car service centre in Poland

Who can establish

Any foreigner

Who can establish

Open an LLC or work as an entrepreneur

You can work both ways

Open an LLC or work as an entrepreneur

Do you need a cash register


Do you need a cash register

What authorisations are required

No special permits and licences, in case of equipment requiring technical supervision it is necessary to obtain an opinion from the Road Transport Service  

What authorisations are required

Requirements for employees

It is mandatory to undergo a medical examination
Occupational health and safety training is mandatory

Requirements for employees

Requirements for premises

As elsewhere - for lighting, exhaust gas extraction, noise, neighbouring buildings and so on - the requirements are laid down in the building regulations

Requirements for premises

RODO Personal Data Protection (GDPR)

Due to the fact that the work of the car service centre involves the processing of personal data (name, surname, telephone numbers, e-mail and so on), it is necessary to develop and implement mechanisms for the protection of personal data

RODO Personal Data Protection (GDPR)
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Opening a car repair shop (tyre fitting shop) step by step

Registration of

Registration of sp. zoo (LLC) or registration as an individual entrepreneur
Takes about 7 days on average

Selection of premises

The most difficult moment and the longest process

Signing of the lease agreement

We'll help you figure out

Purchase and installation of equipment

In case of equipment that requires technical supervision, it is necessary to obtain an opinion from the Road Transport Service

Staff selection

Employees must undergo medical examinations and occupational health and safety training

What else you'll need

Obtaining a VAT payer number
Purchase of fiscal cash register
Entries in the BDO register
Place a stand for visitors - with information in accordance with the Consumer Rights Act and the RODO Regulations (GDPR)

Bottom line - how long does it take to open

The main time from registration to the opening of a service station is the time to find premises and bring it into compliance with your needs, obtaining the conclusion of the Road Transport Service
Everything else, you can fit it into a week.