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in Poland

from on-the-go snacking to haute cuisine.

How to open a café in Poland

The number of visitors to catering establishments in Poland is steadily increasing
Opening a restaurant or café in Poland is easy, but there are a number of formalities to fulfil.
You register as an entrepreneur or incorporate a limited liability company.
You pick a room.
Bring it up to sanitary standards.
Sign up to the Register of Catering Establishments.
Starting your own business.
It's very simple.
Peculiarities of opening a restaurant, cafe in Poland

Who can establish

Any foreigner

Who can establish

Open an LLC or work as an entrepreneur

You can work both ways

Open an LLC or work as an entrepreneur

Do you need a cash register


Do you need a cash register

Premises requirements

The law prescribes the requirements that the premises of a restaurant or café must comply with
A sanitary doctor's authorisation is required to carry out activities at a specific address  

Premises requirements

What authorisations are required

You have to join the Register of Catering Establishments
You have to get a licence to sell alcohol (if necessary)
Remember to comply with copyright legislation (playing audio/video content)
HACCP regulations - safety in food preparation should be prepared

What authorisations are required

RODO Personal Data Protection (GDPR)

Required as in any enterprise.
If, in addition to personal data of personnel, personal data (name, surname, telephone numbers, e-mail, etc.) of customers are processed - for example, for advertising purposes - then it is necessary to develop and implement mechanisms for personal data protection.

RODO Personal Data Protection (GDPR)
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Opening a restaurant or cafe step by step

Registration of

Registration of sp. zoo (LLC) or registration as an individual entrepreneur
It takes 1-2 days to register an entrepreneur, about 7 days on average to register a limited liability company

Filing of declarations and information

After the registration of Sp. zoo is required to pay taxes on civil law transactions, submit information to the tax authorities, and enter information in the Register of Beneficiaries
You do not need to do this after registering as an entrepreneur

Opening a bank account and purchasing a cash register

Lately, opening an account has become increasingly difficult and can take up to two to three weeks
It is very easy to buy a cash register, the purchase does not take much time, the cash register itself is registered with the tax authorities by the seller

Staff selection

Employees must undergo medical examinations and occupational health and safety training
Sanitary book is required

What else you'll need

Join the Register

Bring your premises into compliance with sanitary norms

Notify the sanitary authority of the start of work

Obtain a licence to sell alcohol

Report hired employees to ZUS

Sign an agreement with ZAiKS / ZPAV / SAWP / STOART - if copyrighted audio/video material will be used

Develop HACCP / GHP / GMP documentation and regulations - food preparation safety management system and practices

Place a stand for visitors - with information in accordance with the Consumer Rights Act and the RODO Regulations (GDPR)

Entry in the BDO Waste Register

Bottom line - how long does it take to open

As a rule, the main time before the start of a cafe or restaurant is spent on the selection of premises and its renovation (if necessary)
The term very much depends on whether or not the selected premises previously had a catering facility or not
The business registration itself can run in parallel and takes about a week to complete
Registering, obtaining a liquor licence, drafting and signing all other documents - can also be done in parallel with the renovation of the premises